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of the korean war, and this time the united states was on top. europe had fallen behind, and japan was trying to catch up here and interesting, a small country on the equator. singapore was just behind. latin america was in between, and china and india were still down here with low life expectancy and with low incomes, but they have gained their independence and look what happened after 1954. here, u.s. continuing the lead, but europe is close. in europe is closing in, and japan there, they make this amazing catch up with singapore and now the tiger economies in asia and here china and india got education, small families and health before they start this amazing economic growth where they catch in together with more and more emerging economies and they keep up the speed through the last economic crisis and here we are today, 2010, and what is most interesting here is if you look at the replay, you see this very clear how the west took off first and then how the rest is following and catching up. and how will this continue? let's make a projection into the future by going backwards, first. thi
guns. demonstrators know that dictator hosni mubarak is gone. >>> japan, the government is reeling from another scandal. maehara quit on sunday after revealing he received a $3,000 campaign contribution from a korean who is not a japanese citizen. and japanese law forbids such gifts. >>> jacque chirac is about to be tried on criminal charges. his trial on corruption charges dating back decades begins today. the aging chirac denies any wrong doing but could face up to ten years in prison if he's convicted. and that's a quick look at your headlines right now. i'll see you in an hour. but the team at "world business today" starts right how. >>> good morning from cnn london, i'm charles hodson. >> and a very good afternoon from cnn hong kong, i'm andrew stephens. welcome to "world business today." the top stories this monday, march 7th. violence rocks the home of libya's biggest oil refinery. the result rise in crude prices sends stocks sliding. >>> cnn launches a ground breaking initiative to highlight modern day slavery. we'll hear from india and china. >>> and going inside interpol. how
at old mill value. classes will go on as scheduled today. >>> in japan the government has temporarily stopped using pneumonia. the vaccines came from u.s. drug makers and a french drug drugger -- and french drug maker. the deaths occurred the same day after the vaccines wered a mored. >>> right now a winter storm warning is in effect after three days. in new york forecasters are predicting about 16 inches of snow in time for this mornings commute. a flood watch is also in effect for massachusetts, rhode island, and connecticut. that storm currently baring down on the knot east is leaving devastation nit wake. a tornado touched down in rayne, louisiana after protecting her son. 12 other people were hurt. yesterday louisiana's governor toured the town and surveyed the damage. >> i want to stop by recognizing the resill yen and generosity of rayne. we will rebuild back better and stronger. >> he says there will be more -- they will know more about federal assistance after teams from the state and federal government assess the damage. right now crews are clearing properties and making sur
saw a sell-off amid worries about high oil prices. japan's nikkei lost more than 1.5% while hong kong's hang seng dropped nearly half a percent. >>> today, wall street gets the latest conconsumer credit. last week turmoil in the oil markets overshadowed good news on jobs. the dow gained 3% while the nasdaq was up a fraction. >>> the recent run-up on wall street has some concerned we could be looking at a bubble in stock prices. the s&p 500 is on its fastest climb in decades, and has doubled in less than two years. some analysts are suspicious stocks are way overpriced and that the bottom could fall out, but others argue the fundamentals of the market do not show that danger. >>> salmonella concerns have prompted a recall of skippy peanut butter. it affects only the reduced fat creamy and reduced fat super chunk spread sold in 16 states. no illnesses have been reported yet. but health authorities are concerned the product may be contaminated. >>> at the movies, "rango" lassoed the top spot. the animated family flick featuring johnny depp as a sheriff in the wild west took in $38 millio
high- speed rail. we have learned from all the technologies in germany and japan, they want to be partners and help california build high- speed rail. a hundred years ago, the chinese were building the railroads, now they want to help us build a high-speed rail in the state of california. that would be a great irony for us to celebrate. this is a historical movement that we are making. that is what i think president obama 4. that gave us the stage upon which we can promote our localities and i think that it will work. i think that these want a connection to the united states and they want to feel comfortable. the bay area is the comfort level that they can find. you will see chinese companies going back and forth. you can also help companies going to china to do their developments as well. >> this has to deal with scrap metal, automobiles, medical technology products. these are major exports and they like red wine, by the way. icy oakland as playing an important role in organizing the region. even maybe the country. when we were at the conference of mayors, all of these smal
mix or open bins at super markets. >>> japan is temporarily stopped using the previnar vaccine while they investigate the deaths of four children they are all under the age of 2 they died last week the deaths occurred the same day, to three days after the vaccines were given it is made from u.s. drug maker pfizer and a french pharmaceutical company protects against pneumonia and some types of meningitis. vaccination began two years ago the u.s. has been using it for 10 years now. >>> new research indicates a certain amount of stress can improve your memory. as a person reaches his or her optimal level of stress memory performance increases with clear recall of long ago events but turns out men and women respond differently a neurobiologist at uc irvine found stress hormones interact with sex hormones. women's memories are better under stress only when estrogen levels are normal. >>> working through the weekend trying to work out a custody deal for charlie sheen's toddler twins. >> he lost custody of his 2- year-old twin boys last week after his estranged wife brook muler filed a temp
could be in use in a couple years. >>> well, japan has temporarily stopped using a vaccine for pneumonia and some types of meningitis after four children died the children all under the age of 2 died the same day or up to three days after they were given previnar the vaccine is made by pfizer and a french pharmaceutical company japan has been using it for two years now but it has been use in the u.s. for a decade. >>> so are you stressed out? well, it may help your memory. it is true. new research indicates as a person reaches his or her optimal level of stress, each day, memory performance actually increases with clear recall of long ago events but men and women respond differently, neurobiologist at uc irvine found stress hormones interact with sex hormones women's memories are better under stress only when estrogen levels are normal. >>> so, if a dog is man's best friend i guess that would make cat a woman's best friend. >> could be. a new study shows the relationship between a feline and its owner is more intense than previously thought. cats attach to humans especially women. women
gigabytes were taken. they were being taken by iproject through apple frameworks from russia, japan, korea, as well as italy. after i dismanteled the site, what was announced by the new york stock exchange was that the nasdaq was hacked into. i believe base on the times i was certified, the certificates by the department defense that it was me. no one heeded my call until i started getting calls from the nasdaq. i am now working with the f.b.i., agent jeff graham. i'm working with two people at the secret service. katherine pierce. i am working with -- i am talking to graham bowles at "the new york times." unfortunately, in this process, when the police come to my place and ask the things i'm doing with regards to unhooking cables and such, they took me for a 5150. president chiu: thank you. actually, everyone gets the same amount of time. but thank you very much. next speaker? >> may i speak in spanish? president chiu: you can if you want to repeat everything you just said in spanish. if you would like to trabs late into spanish, you can speak into spanish. [speaking in spanish] [speaking
pulled in japan after several young children died. previanar made by pfizer protects against pneumonia and some types of meningitis. and a new tool to diagnose down's syndrome. joe brown reports on why it is much safer for mom's. >> reporter: scientists are developing a new blood test that could detect whether babies are likely to have down's syndrome. the procedure analyzes the woman's blood to detect dna differences between the mother and the fetus, the current test for down's syndrome is much more invasive and doctors need to use a long need toll remove amniotic fluid from the mother but the new test could be in use in two years. >>> researchers at north western university are experimenting with a new catheter that could make heart surgery simpler. the new catheter performs the work that until now was used by many catheters one after another and it could make heart procedures quicker and less costly. >>> new research shows 1 in 2,000 middle-age americans hit the mark for american heart health. the american health association says many americans fail to meet a seven item checklist th
in the uk, japan, spain, poland. parent is parent and everyone is looking for something that helps make their life easier. >> we're growing at almost a 50% clip then 2008 came along a lot of retailers just emptied the shelves out buying product. we had a bad 2008 and 2009. we'll do over 25 million this year. >> parents will spend on their children and give up spending on themselves. >> when you have a new baby you have to cover every aspect of that baby's life, eating, sleeping, feeding, play, everything. it's really the best of both worlds for a company like ours. >> moms and dads if you have an idea and you think they can improve it, there you go. >> it's the simplest idea. when we see these stories the over and over again it's the same thing. a lot of times people will do it to help themselves out. >> then it will be like hey, i like that idea and all officedden it's an instant success. >>> stay with us this morning. we have one last check on the forecast with justin. [ male announcer ] are you paying more and more for cable and enjoying it less and less? stop paying for second best.
. >> there are lots and lots of brands. this is just one brand. these are manufactured in japan? >> these are manufactured all over the world. they have two factories in georgia and then factories all around the world. >> what are the differences between these different kind of toilets? >> we have the 1.28, which is what all the manufacturers are doing now to conserve water. this is a siphon flush with a larger water surface area, much more conventional american type of toilet. it has been used around the world for many years as a water- conserving light of flushing. it has a small water surface area and is a wash down type of toilet. some americans are not happy that they might have to clean the sides of the ball more. then, we have the high end totally automated toilet as you were already noticing. when you walk up to it, it will sense that you are there and it will open up. it has another green feature, which washes you. it saves you on toilet paper. a roll of toilet paper can take as much as 28 gallons to be manufactured, so if you conserve on toilet paper by using water to
, that sand or land fill, acts like water. this is sand, sand and water coming up through a hole. in japan, all these buildings were built on liquefaction. i forget what year this was, but it was one of the bigger earthquakes. 7 story buildings built on liquefaction. the amount of time the earth shook, the earth became liquid and as it became liquid, the building sank into it until it stopped. when it stopped it just fell over. light damage buildings, superficial damage, broken windows, some plaster that might be cracked but basically a light damage building would be one that has mostly damage to the contents. shelves falling over, windows broken, that type of thing. if you had to go into a light damaged building, you would use these procedures. of course you gather information about a building before you go into it, as much information, who lives there, that type of thing. shut off any utilities needed, locate and triage any injured patients, document and communicate the location of any trapped or missing persons. it could be an invalid. in fact, most of the injuries apld most of the deat
. that is good news. the price of oil sent many asian stocks flighting. japan nikkei dropped 7-point 7.8%. >>> checking in on our numbers it looks like a lower opening as well here in the u.s.. the dow, the nasdaq, and s & p slipping a bit. >>> time now 5:21. a recall of hazel nuts nationwide and in canada has been done because they could be contaminated with e coli. they were sold? november -- they were sold in november and december. they were also included in mixed nuts. at least seven people in the midwest have reported being sickened. >>> a crack down on illegal dumping in one bay area city. why catching the dumpers is a challenge even though they were caught on camera. >>> a question of force. the actions by campus police that are being criticized by the student protestors at uc berkeley. >>> 280 at the 880 interchange is looking good. we will tell you how the wind is effecting your morning commute coming up. >>> good morning, windy and cool. we have gusts 25-50 miles an hour. partly sunny skies today. >>> time now 5:24. uc berkeley police department is defending its response to t
rules that were put in place during a 2009 expansion project. >>> in japan the government has stopped using pneumonia vaccines. the vaccines came from u.s. drug maker fizer and a french drug maker. the deaths occurred the same day and three days after the vaccines were administered. >>> crowded elementary schools is the hot topic. they will meet with the public on tuesday to talk about booming enrollment and consider sites for possible expansion. palo alto enrollment has been increasing since 1989 and had 12,000 students last fall. >>> let's get you to where you need to go. tara, an oil spill? what happened? >> an 18 wheeler is leaking oil. they are bringing the sand trucks in. this is on 680 southbound to the westbound 780 connector. we will bring you more information as it becomes available. we will head outside to highway 4 bay point. you can see the wind a factor here. use some caution as you driving this morning. at the bay bridge toll plaza the metering lights have not gone on yet. and finally san mateo you can see this is what it's like all morning long and it's been the same s
is trying to recruit in the u.s. in new york hundreds gathered to declare it a witch hunt. >>> japan suspended the use of vaccines after the deaths of four children last week. health officials say the children died within three days of being vaccinated for pneumonia and meningitis. both companies are cooperating with the investigation. carnival recall bragss a-- carn celebrations are under way. it's now time for another check of the weather with al roker outside. >> all righty. thanks, natalie. what's your name? >> cory. >> and you're leaving for iraq tomorrow? >> yes, sir. >> be safe. come back and see us when you come back. >> thank you. >> let'sback. >> thank you. >> let's see what's happening. burlington, vermont. wptz, heavy snow, 25 degrees out. as we look at the rest of the country, we can see that storm system moving out through new england, bringing the snow to places and looking at wet weather out west, and another big storm system getting itself together in the plains that will bring mountain snow and into tomorrow night and wednesday some severe weather down through the l
hundreds gathered in times square to denounce the hearings. >>> japan suspended the use of vaccines after the deaths of four children last week. health officials say the children died within three days of being vaccinated for pneumonia and meningitis. both companies say they're cooperating with the investigation. >>> carnival celebrations are under way around the world. this year's festivities are especially significant in haiti. it is the first carnival to dance its way through port-au-prince since last january's devastating earthquake. >>> it is 8:04. time for a check of the weather. >> what's your name. >> cory. >> leaving for iraq tomorrow? >> yes, sir. >> we want you to be safe and careful. come back and see us when you come back. >> okay. thank you. >>> let's check your weather and see what's happening. burlington, vermont, heavy snow, 25 degrees out. as we look at the rest of the country, w can see that storm system moving out through new englany, bringing that snow to other glplaces. we're also looking at wet weather out west and another big storm system getting itself together in
dinner in japan in 1986. this was a famous dinner. remember, he had the chopsticks upside down? >> i remember that. >> that could sell for as much as $80,000. another dress which spoke about evolution of the princess, that beautiful robe she wore to a state dinner. $100,000. the woman reunning the auction house said most of the interest comes from the u.s. a lot of the bidders are foreign. not britain. >> we have a guest book, a fascination on this side of the pond. >> we do. >> thanks, bianna. i want the hat. >>> let get more on this from our expert on all things, royal katie nicholl, the author of "the making of a royal romance." we could have news on the dress. "the sunday times" reported that the designer could be sarah burton, the creative director of alexander mcqueen. she's designed it. the palace is saying basically nothing. try and sort it out for us. >> the palace are going to be very noncommittal. they made it clear right from the start when i planned that first conference, that nothing would come out on the dress. that kate would keep it completely secret. but somebody ha
're welcome, japan. >> excellent. meanwhile, hearing the words "will you marry me" a dream come true, right? not so much. why more and more women are calling it a nightmare. that's right. "fox & friends" hour two for a monday starting right now. >> maybe not a nightmare but apparently a lot of women wish that they had been proposed to in a different way. >> right. >> yeah. but it's all about the marriage anyway, ladies. so it really doesn't matter how you're proposed to. >> i blame the movies. the movies have overromanticized what humans are capable of. they get to redo it again until they get it right. >> somebody from the movies is going to be joining us shortly as we take a look at the guest list over there. the second one from the right, aaron brockovich, actual one depicted in the movie by julia roberts will be joining us live and she's got a brand new book out and her firm gets 25,000 inquires from people every month. they want help with different issues. >> dana perino will help us out in a few minutes with political things and congressman peter king will be here and he's starting
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